All About Our Famous Deep Dish

We’ve been named one of the top ten Chicago-style pizzas in the entire state – and yes, Chicago is still part of Illinois. It’s deep dish in driving distance.

We now serve deep dish every day we’re open. These big, beautiful pies take time! If you hate to wait, call ahead to order your deep dish. If not it’ll be at least 45 minutes, baking time alone. But it’s totally worth it.

Our Deep Dish In the News

We’re not ones to brag, but some are saying our pizzeria puts Chicago to shame. In fact, you’ll find our name mentioned right alongside those chains up North. Better still, you don’t have to drive hours to reach ours!

Some of these articles and awards mention that we only serve our Deep Dish on certain days of the week. However, due to the incredible demand, we had to start making them every day. To do otherwise just wouldn’t be fair to you.

Check out WTHI’s deep dive into our Deep Dish: