We highly recommend you keep your own printed version of the GHOP menu at home in case of pizza-craving emergencies.

If you find yourself without The Greathouse of Pizza menu handy, you can read it below.

You can download it them here:

Call us at 217-932-2220 OR 217-932-2549 to order or make reservations. We deliver!

The Details on the Deep Dish

NEW! We now serve deep dish every day we’re open! These big, beautiful pies take time! If you hate to wait, call ahead to order your deep dish. If not it’ll be at least 45 minutes, baking time alone. But it’s totally worth it.

Party of 8 or More? Call Ahead!

We love big groups, but our ovens are getting crowded! To make sure you have the best experience, give us a heads up. Everything here is made fresh. We’ll not only reserve tables, but oven space, too.

Greathouse of Pizza Menu